Today, I knew

Today, I knew

Just like the other days. Right from waking up, till everyone else in the house is asleep. And then, my day really starts, when I am surrounded with calm. It’s such a weird time of the day to be awake.

When is the right time?

How to know when is the right time to do something? The obvious answer, you would never know. Why then, some people are more successful than others? That’s a good question, but doesn’t have a straight-forward answer. There are the philosophical ones, and then there’s the randomness theory. People who believe in the philosophy of being rewarded for their hard […]

The New Year Post

Ah!! this time I am late. Damn!! There were quite a few reasons. But, finally, this had to come. Image source: Wikimedia commons HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. 🙂 Not much happened when the year changed for me. I was at home, sitting idle, watching the TV. Everyone else at home was asleep. I was the only one at home, […]

Ooops!!! Sorry…

People lose their cool all the time. So do I. I am generally believed to be a powerhouse of patience. People believe that I have loads of it. But the fact is, I don’t have that much. 🙁 Well, yes, I do have a considerable amount it, but at some point I, too, run out of patience. I am only […]

Sleepless nights

Is it work? Is it the heat? Or is it my new phone? Or something else? My eyes are burning, yet I am not able to sleep. Damn!!!! I also need to wake up early today. Seems to have been ages since I have got a nice long peaceful sleep. Need a break soon from the super busy days. Need […]

Filmy Dialogues

We all love Bollywood. I still remember those Saturday and Sunday movies on the National Television for which the whole household would eagerly wait. Everything stopped. Mom would stop cooking, my sister and me would close our books and everyone else would be rushing home to be in front of the TV. No matter what movie would be playing, those […]

Friday night friend

Who doesn’t want a few extra bucks for a few clicks! Even I, at some point of time was lured by those paid survey sites that make grand promises of paying you dollars in return of a few clicks. My initial clicks fetched me quite a few dollars, but very soon I realized that this is just a scam. They […]

Sleepless in S….

Sleepless in S….

Seatle!!!! Nooooooooo, I am here in Bangalore right now. It’s a Sunday. In a few hours I have to get up and run to office. But, still no sleep. Aaaahhh!!!! Remember those college days. Especially during the semesters. Full night outs, and we still used to carry on the next day. Of late, I have become a kind of work-a-holic. […]

I love Fridays

Who doesn’t ? I guess, this is the most eagerly awaited day of the week for most of the humans on earth. Well, there are a few unfortunate lot, who have a 6 day week, but I think majority of the people on earth have a 5 day week. My Friday morning’s are really really different from the others. You […]