Atop Nandi Hills

Well, we could not see the sunset, but the bike trip was awesome. Throughout the day, it was raining intermittently. And our clothes never dried. Though the roads were all wet, that didn’t stop us from speeding our bikes. The ride down the hill was just great. With our engines shut off, we were still doing 60 kmph. We could […]

A pro smoker

 Here’s a cool YouTube video  A 2 year child smokes 40 cigs a day. The style of his will bring shame to even the biggest chain smokers of modern times. Check it out. Location : Karnataka, Posted via Blogaway

To Nandi hills

On the way to Nandi hills. Raining heavily. Got stuck here. Loving it. Sam, Sinha, Lodhi n me on 2 bikes. Wanted to se the sunset on the hill top, but I guess, the clouds are gonna spoil our plans. Location : NH 207, Devanahalli, Karnataka, Posted via Blogaway

My bike

It’s almost 3 months now, and it was high time that I had uploaded a pic of my new bike. Here it is. 2500 kms up, with a few glitches with the battery during the initial days, my first bike has survived the torture. Max speed reached : 110 kmph.

Working on Ubuntu

After my Mac crashed at office, I lost hope. Damn, isn’t there a single OS which will never crash!!!! I know, I know, they are machines. Morever OSes are just lines of code and even the best programmers commit mistakes. But, I cannot live with those if my systems keep crashing like this. My data is precious and I would […]

Screens of Death

Everybody knows what the “Screen of Death” is on a Windows machine. To be specific, it’s called the “Blue Screen of Death”. And we have learnt to live with it. I see it quite frequently on my laptop and I don’t freak out any more. I was pretty happy that I got a Mac for work at my office. I […]

India goes down

I had hopes for the Indian team to do well this time round. And I was pretty excited about a cricket match after such a long time which was not an IPL match. But, India has been thrown out of the competition. 🙁 Sob Sob… I didn’t quite liked watching the IPL. So much of cricket was kind of boring […]

I love Fridays

Who doesn’t ? I guess, this is the most eagerly awaited day of the week for most of the humans on earth. Well, there are a few unfortunate lot, who have a 6 day week, but I think majority of the people on earth have a 5 day week. My Friday morning’s are really really different from the others. You […]