7th year and still going strong

Its been over 7 years that I had first stared blogging. I clearly remember my first post here. It went.. Blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, blog, Although I have now deleted that post, that memory still is with me. When I started off, I never thought I would be able to continue for 7 years. Not only that, I managed […]

That trip on bike

The route plan The trip to Kerala on bikes. 370 odd kilometers, 2 bikes, 2 bikers, rains, sun, dust and mud. I wonder when I would go on the next bike trip. It was quite tiring, you know, sitting and riding the not so smooth terrains. You normally won’t find a shelter to hide from the rains while you are […]

When is the right time?

How to know when is the right time to do something? The obvious answer, you would never know. Why then, some people are more successful than others? That’s a good question, but doesn’t have a straight-forward answer. There are the philosophical ones, and then there’s the randomness theory. People who believe in the philosophy of being rewarded for their hard […]

Only 24 hours!!!

In a day, only 24 hours!!! This is probably the 3rd time I feel the clocks are ticking away frantically. That’s not good. Those slow motion pictures are so amazing. Wish we had that in real life. Everything’s getting older, and faster. Me too. Its crazy. But, still I manage to sleep for 8 hours these days. Hahaha. Trying to […]