Post from Android Phone

Well, Blogaway seems to be working fine. This is an app for the android phones which is basically a blogger client. I don’t know when I will get an Android phone and start using my own application. 🙂 I wish all my friends out there, who blog quite a bit, get Android phones for themselves and then they can use […]

Google – Conquer the World????

I shiver at the very thought. When I imagine this, although, it might not happen in the foreseeable future, still, it seems that it’s not that far, and I can see it happening very soon. Soon enough, that frightens me.We all know Google, since it’s beginning, has been growing by leaps and bounds, (we should find a new word that […]

Last days in Chennai

🙂 So, finally, I would be leaving Chennai soon. After almost about 6 months, I have decided to move back to Bangalore. The last 6 months had been quite difficult for me. Apart from the heat, there were a hell lot of other reasons that made me feel all alone in this whole world. No direct flights to Bhubaneswar, my […]

And it stopped raining…

Just a few days ago, I was complaining about Chennai’s weather. It was getting unbearable for me to survive here. The moment I reached home from office, the first thing I would do was to switch on the AC. Not to mention, the electricity bill for each month would be always directly proportional to the temperature, raised to the power […]

2nd November – One more birthday

It’s Happy Birthday for someone. Happy Birthday. As far as I can remember, birthday bashes used to be very violent for me while I was in college. It always used to be fun, with so many people running in at the last second before the clock struck 12:00. I was not exposed to such kind of violence before I stepped […]