Cant sleep. Lets write something.

Cant sleep. Lets write something.

Tried reading a book. Its almost midnight. Have a mild cold, can’t sleep because there’s no waking up early tomorrow. TGIF. I hate it when I get cold. It doesn’t let me sleep easily. So, I am trying to induce sleep into me by writing something stupid. We all know we are very sleepy when we do some boring task. […]

Beating the heat

The temperatures are rising worldwide. And it will continue to rise. As much as I hate it, I have started to like sweating. Most of the times I can’t do anything to beat the heat. But, my sweat can. Its like our own body making our personal clouds and eventually precipitating them on itself. Quite a novel idea, isn’t it? […]

The dialogs of Sidhu

The IPL 7 finals. Apart from the two teams, the third thing to follow on TV today is Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu’s hindi commentary. 1. Preity Zinta ki jhappi or Shahrukh Khan ki pappi. 2. Bhavnaheen aadmi thande lava ki tarah hota hai.     Grrr.. The wife changed the channel.   3. Baal ki khaal utaar dete hain ye slow […]