Friday night friend

Who doesn’t want a few extra bucks for a few clicks! Even I, at some point of time was lured by those paid survey sites that make grand promises of paying you dollars in return of a few clicks. My initial clicks fetched me quite a few dollars, but very soon I realized that this is just a scam. They never actually pay you.  Well, that’s not really what I have in mind right now.

I was just killing my time browsing, and watching TV happily. I noticed my gmail window blink with a new chat message. It was 3:00 am in the morning, and I was quite surprised to see someone ping me at this hour. It was from an old friend. It must have been almost about half a year when I had last talked, chatted or seen him. Here’s our conversation.

He: Hi
Me: Hey, long time, wassup?
He: Are you free?

Me: Yup, sort of, just enjoying the Friday night.
He: Can you do me a favor?

(Ah, there he goes, I started thinking about what would he ask for. In a split second I knew exactly what he would be asking for)

Me: Hold on, Are you going to ask me to complete one of those damn MBA surveys?
He: Hehehe, LOL, How did you know?
Me: Dude, you MBA guys only contact non-MBA people only when you need these surveys done.
He: Hehehe, please, yaar, I have to submit this tomorrow, and you are the first one who would be helping me out. It’s an interesting one and you will actually like it. I have personally prepared it, keeping today’s generation in mind. It’s about alcohol consumption, and….
Me: Ok Stop, I don’t want to know the details. I will do it.
(@#$!$%&@ a good 10 minutes of my already ending Friday up for those MBAs)

I got the questionnaire within a second of typing out that line. He must have already prepared the mail even before he started chatting with me, all prepared to hit the “Send button”. Well, the questionnaire was all but interesting. I really don’t understand what are they going to make out of it. Anyway, I just skimmed across the questions, and marked my random answers, and sent it back.

He: Thanks dude, I will mention your name in my assignment. Can you do me one more favor?
(Well, I couldn’t think of anything else this time. I brain had gone completely dead)
Me: WHAT? I just did it.
He: Can you send out this questionnaire to your friends and ask them to fill it up?

:@ :@ :@ I clicked on the “SIGN OUT” button right after that.

PS: “He” was actually a “She”. πŸ˜€ I have just decided that I wouldn’t be doing any more such surveys, and I would refuse any such requests right-away. So, the MBAs, beware. I will not do anymore surveys for free. You have to pay up now.

6 thoughts on “Friday night friend

  1. Thats ridiculous…i know…if you have to get it done …u can only fictious id and get it created whats the point of asking every one ..and i think it holds no relevance in their assignment also

  2. @Mausumi: Hahaha, actually it was a He. I just spiced up the story a bit.

    @Sid: Well, they say that these surveys have the maximum weightage among the other assignments. I don't believe though.

    @Free Radical: Well, atleast not this type of service.

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