Conversations and her

She is either very intelligent, or just loves to show off her arguing powers. One day, out of nowhere, she wanted to test me. Usually, I lose the argument, irrespective of the topic of the discussion. Here we go. A chat transcript. She: Did you see a soul-mate (past, present and future) when you first looked into my eyes? I […]

Ortel Communications: A review

Ortel Communications: A review

You have probably not heard about this company if you are not from Bhubaneswar. I never wanted to write reviews for anything, other than, may be gadgets. But then, I had to mention about this company here. You will soon know why. It’s been more than a month that I have been using this broadband connection at home. When we […]

The New Year Post

Ah!! this time I am late. Damn!! There were quite a few reasons. But, finally, this had to come. Image source: Wikimedia commons HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. 🙂 Not much happened when the year changed for me. I was at home, sitting idle, watching the TV. Everyone else at home was asleep. I was the only one at home, […]