Blogger vs WordPress

Ok, Surprised? Yes, I have changed the theme. Did you notice? I was quite happy with the old one, and I am expecting a lot of people to come and say, “the previous one was better”. But, somebody who I asked to read my blog said, “The black background puts too much strain on my eyes, I am not gonna […]

Interviews on the other side

At work, these days, taking interviews are a part of my daily activities. On an average I take 3 interviews a day. And that is hectic and boring. To top it, the technology I am into, there aren’t many female professionals out there. What a boring job !! My first question: Tell me about yourself. Crap, if someone asks that […]

Graduated !!! *After College*

4 years of engineering was fun. Each and every day was as enjoyable  as the first or the last day of college and hostel. But now, things have changed, for good and bad. Hostel life, I guess, was a great experience for me. When I look back, through the hazy memories, I can still clearly re-collect some moments which can […]

Kunal, you can’t beat my phone

Hahaha, let’s see how will you beat this. Now I can blog any time I like. This time I will definitely win the competition. Its a bit difficult to type out a blog from a phone but I will do it. My bike’s not well and it could be days before it gets on the road, so till then I […]

Bike Update – Down and Dead

It has been hardly 10 days and my machine has started showing signs of being just a machine. I have learnt one lesson though. Never rely on a damn machine. Mechanical devices are still trustworthy, but when it comes to Electrical and Electronics, no matter how high the reliability of a sytem is, the probability of it failing is quite […]

Lost in Chandigarh

Well, I don’t remember exactly the sequence of events, but I don’t know how I missed to write about this one. We almost made headlines some years back when I was in college, NIT Kurukshetra. It was a college tour to Chandigarh, a part of our Environmental Studies curriculum. The whole of electrical batch packed in 2 buses. I don’t […]

Time killing

It’s Friday. And I am in party mood. But the sad thing is, there’s no party!!!! I will be very busy this weekend, that’s for sure. Have to roam around a lot, have to brave the sun. Next Tuesday is a holiday for us. That’s a relief. Time doesn’t fly, it crawls when you want it to fly. I have […]

Finally, Ready to race

Yesterday, I got my Pulsar 180 finally, after such a long wait. I am so so excited. Let’s see how long will this excitement last before the Bangalore traffic frustrations get into me. 43kms done. I want to complete 500kms within 15 days so that I can safely break the speed barrier. In the pic, that’s obviously not me. 🙂 […]