Long time… Nothing really has changed…

I almost forgot about this place. Not anymore. I will make new posts surface like scams of politicians. I guess, I went into the MMS mode for a few days. But, unlike MMS, I can’t really control my lips. I need to speak, and speak out loud, whatever it might be.

Today, I started to study for an exam. The fun thing is, I have to study 4 thick and big books, and appear for 4 exams this Saturday and Sunday. I was under the impression that, the “Engineering Instinct” within me was still intact. The truth is: “It’s all gone”. And now, I am nowhere, clueless about how I will pass the exams. Anyway, that’s boring, isn’t it?

The interesting thing? Ummm.. Well, nothing new as such. But, new things would pour in soon, as I rise and shine again after the exams. All this exams affair, are here to stay for some time. So, every few months, I need to study a little bit, and somehow jump over to the next semester. And if I am good at clearing those mighty walls, I could call myself an MS in Software Systems in roughly 2 years from now.

For now, back to studies. I will be coming back soon. πŸ™‚

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