Ooops!!! Sorry…

People lose their cool all the time. So do I. I am generally believed to be a powerhouse of patience. People believe that I have loads of it. But the fact is, I don’t have that much. 🙁

Well, yes, I do have a considerable amount it, but at some point I, too, run out of patience. I am only a human. And I am not perfect.

Anyway, Today, I want to say sorry to everyone at whom I was mad in the past. There are quite a handful of people. Friends, at home and at office. I honestly do feel that I should have exercised more caution then, and perhaps I could have handled those situations differently. At-least, I shouldn’t have really shouted at them.

It’s a little difficult, however, to keep your cool when people all around you behave crazy. When someone is pestering you, it really takes a lot of patience not to turn around and gag them or shout at them. Most of the time I am cautious. But at times, it gets out of control and hell breaks loose on them. Although I am not violent at all, but people seem to get scared or may be very very angry at me when I shout. It’s probably because they don’t expect me to retaliate ever. They probably feel like I am not the same person they knew, when I am mad at them.

There have been some instances in the past when I was mad and didn’t react at all. Well, most of the times I am like that. Nobody wants to be angry. But sometimes, you have to react, voluntarily or in the spur of the moment. I do, however, at times, regret for my inaction when I should have just blasted off the other person, may be even killed them once and for all.

It isn’t a big deal, though, if you can easily shrug off that feeling, and get back into a peaceful state of mind soon, when you could go over it again and decide for yourself if it was right on your part to behave the way you just did. It’s perfectly normal to get mad at someone as long as you can ponder over it again and if required apologize for your behavior if you think you were wrong.

Well, I guess, this is not new. Everyone knows what anger can do to a relationship. Everyone also knows that ego is not really a good thing to have. That doesn’t help in keeping your relationships if you have a short-temper. We tend to get angry on people frequently who are close to us. It doesn’t really matter if you shout or not at a stranger or a person who you don’t consider to be close to you. They are not an important part of your life. You are probably never going to meet that stranger again or won’t have a life-time relationship with that acquaintance. But that doesn’t mean that you could go on swearing and shouting at people on the roads. Your conscience will get to you for that sometime for sure.

Ah!!! I am just talking gibberish. Let’s come straight to the point. People, again, I apologize to all of you on being rude or for getting mad at you. To make all those people feel a little better,

“I shout at those people who I consider close to me, hoping that they would understand why I did that”

By the way, Friendship day is round the corner. Those of you who are willing to revive the jagged threads of our friendsip, get ready. 🙂 Happy Friendship Day in advance.