Sleepless in S….

Seatle!!!! Nooooooooo, I am here in Bangalore right now. It’s a Sunday. In a few hours I have to get up and run to office. But, still no sleep. Aaaahhh!!!! Remember those college days. Especially during the semesters. Full night outs, and we still used to carry on the next day. Of late, I have become a kind of work-a-holic. Really. I can’t seem to get work away from my mind. I don’t know if it’s good or bad. Everybody I tell this, they seem to advise me that it’s harmful in the long run. When you get old, you will repent. 🙁

One day just has 24 hours. And they seem very less. I wish days were longer and humans were designed to have less sleep. I am sure, that for the last 2 years at-least, I have been sleeping no more than 5.5 hours on an average per day. Even in the weekends, I keep on going without long hours of sleep. There was a time, when weekends were the favorite days to get a good long sleep. Really long. But, those days are gone. 🙁  I have to force myself to sleep now. I don’t want to be dull on a Monday morning. Good night.

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