I love Fridays

Who doesn’t ? I guess, this is the most eagerly awaited day of the week for most of the humans on earth. Well, there are a few unfortunate lot, who have a 6 day week, but I think majority of the people on earth have a 5 day week.

My Friday morning’s are really really different from the others. You won’t believe that I wake up early on Fridays. So that, I can reach office early, finish work early, leave office early, and reach home early. Friday’s schedule is completely different for me. The way we used to celebrate Fridays has changed now. Before all of my college friends dispersed from Bangalore, Friday was celebrated every week. A new hangout, a new reason to celebrate, some new friends and the same old beer. It used to be a lot more fun. There was no right time for anything on a Friday. We had dinner at 2am (Saturday, extended Friday), get some more beer at 4am (Saturday), sleep at 8am (Saturday) and wake up at 4pm (Saturday). That was pretty much the schedule for us. And midnight bike trips, walks, heated discussions, funny fights, we had it all.

But now things have changed. People have gone. Some people have quit drinking and smoking. Some people are married, some have girl friends and the rest have gone to foreign lands. Oh, and a few have joined some MBA colleges to study ( I think beer makes people think beyond their capabilities). There are still a few who are continuing with the traditional Friday celebrations, but only a very few and you never get hold of them. They have their Friday’s planned out well before it arrives. When you call them up, you get a wry response, “Dude, I am booked!!!, You quit or what?? Bye, see ya next month “.

Aah, I just woke up from sleep, don’t know why, and have nothing to do, than write this. I need a beer very badly. 🙁 But, it’s 3:30am (Saturday, Extended Friday) and still I love Fridays.

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