The magical gemstone

The Kingdom of Fairies, a kingdom far far away from here, was ruled by a great king – King Lore. He was known as the fairy king.

There was a legend that every fairy born in the kingdom had a special power. Some fairies had the power of air, some the power of water, some with fire and some were born with the power of ice. A symbol on each fairy’s right hand showed which fairy had what kind of special power.

The king was very happy when his daughter, the kingdom’s princess was born. She was named Mira. The king anxiously looked at Princess Mira’s right hand. However, there was no symbol to be found. The king and the royal family were saddened. 

Although she had no special powers, all the other fairies loved her because the princess had a beautiful smile and was very kind to everyone. But the king was not happy. He was jealous of the other fairies and wanted his daughter to be the most special fairy in the whole kingdom.

So, he called Princess Mira and ordered her to go and find the magical gemstone that could grant her any special power she wished. The journey to the gemstone, kept in a cave of fire, was very far. Princess Mira didn’t want to go in search of the gemstone since she was happy even without any powers. But, she loved her father and didn’t want to disappoint him. To make her father happy, Mira set out in search of the gemstone.

After a week of walking, flying and searching, she finally found the cave. The cave looked like a dragon’s face, with its mouth continuously burning. She looked hard through the fire and saw the faint red light which was coming from the magical gemstone. She had to get through the fire and retrieve the gemstone anyway as she wanted to make her father happy.

She couldn’t fly through the flames, as that would burn her wings. She decided to walk through the fire. She stepped into the mouth of the dragon. The flames started burning her whole body and she was in a lot of pain. Her clothes, hair and skin caught fire. Still, she moved ahead quickly to reach the gemstone. After about 15 steps into the cave, she started feeling better. The flames didn’t seem to burn her anymore. Finally, she reached near the gemstone. 

As soon as she touched the gemstone, she was taken aback as the gemstone started to speak.

“Princess Mira, you have come all the way here to make your father happy. You don’t have powers like the other fairies, but you have the power of love, kindness, courage and hard-work. But to fulfil your purpose of this dangerous journey, I grant you the power of everything. You would become the most powerful fairy in the Kingdom of Fairies.”

Princess Mira was blinded by a flash of light that emanated from the gemstone. When she opened her eyes, she felt as if she was a new person. Her hair was impeccable, the burnt clothes seemed new and there were no burnt marks on her skin. She wondered whether it was all a dream. Just then, the gemstone spoke again.

“Princess Mira, now you have the power of everything. Use it judiciously. Use your smile, kindness and courage to help others in need. Do not be proud of your magical powers.”

Princess Mira promised the gemstone to remember its advice and started back home. She was excited and very happy.

That is how Princess Mira got her powers. Her father was very happy on her daughter’s powers. Although Mira had the power of everything now, she used them to help others. Even with the new found powers, she was still very kind towards everyone and was always eager to help others.

Moral: You can achieve anything that you wish for if you work hard, are focussed and have a lot of courage and determination.

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