Old Year Celebrations – Contd….

So, we reached Lt. Ritesh’s room at around 12:00 noon. The first thing I had in mind was to take a bath. Payyanur was hot, at-least by my standards. Samiran dubbed it as pleasant and comfortable while I was sweating away. Now we were hungry. So , we proceeded towards the mess, the Navy Mess. Lt. Ritesh, as usual, had […]

Old year celebrations

Don’t worry, I will also celebrate the new year. But for the year that was ending, we had lot’s of things to celebrate about. Samiran and 1 packed our bags to started off for Payyanur, Kerala. Our destination: INS ZamorinOur contact : Lt. Ritesh Kumar Parida Well, as every Bangalorean knows well, friday evening is the worst time to travel […]