Today, I knew

Today, I knew it was going to be hectic. Just like the other days. Right from waking up, till everyone else in the house is asleep. And then, my day really starts, when I am surrounded with calm. It’s such a weird time of the day to be awake. And just like the every day, I ponder whether to sleep now, and may be wake up early in the morning.

I have tried that too, but it doesn’t work for me. Too much noise all around. The birds, the early morning workers, the daily delivery trucks honking and the alarms going off. Everyone says that early morning is the perfect time to work in peace. When almost everyone believes in this theory, a hell lot of people wake up at 4-5 am, and get on with their work. That generates a lot of noise.

Today, I wanted to sleep early. But, I haven’t yet found the calm. With earphones tucked into the ears, and the lights off, I can finally see the calm in the dark.

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