It was my LUCK….

LuckByChance was a horrible movie. And luckily, I watched it at home. And by chance, three more turned up for the movie, and thus we saved a fortune. Of-course, I missed the popcorns (with caramel) and the multiplex-environment. After watching this movie, I wondered if Farhan Akhtar could ever star in a comic role. In the two flicks that he […]

Hey, My friend’s gone to SPAIN

Hey everyone, my most fierce competitor has left for Spain tonight for a 3 month trip. During which I am pretty sure, that he won’t be able to find enough time to concentrate on his posts. So, I am looking forward to beat him by a good enough margin when he is back, so that this year, I would emerge […]

To my sister…

Today, I want to write about a girl, who has been with me for a very long time. Right from the childhood, we were friends. How lovely those childhood days were. I still remember some moments, which makes me smile sometimes. You  looked so sweet when you were small. I still smile when I look at your childhood photographs. I […]