When is the right time?

How to know when is the right time to do something? The obvious answer, you would never know. Why then, some people are more successful than others? That’s a good question, but doesn’t have a straight-forward answer.
There are the philosophical ones, and then there’s the randomness theory. People who believe in the philosophy of being rewarded for their hard work, can’t be wrong. Because there are no facts to prove or disprove this theory. And probably there would never be a proof.
But the ones like me, who believe in the randomness, are actually a lazy lot. Not all, at-least me. There are obviously people who think events in their life are random; still they are very hardworking.
I have my troughs and crests though. I wouldn’t consider myself very hardworking, but when I do work hard, after an hour or so, I feel tired. There’s so much going around which distracts me. The dogs are barking, the phones are beeping and the sleep fairy keeps knocking.
Sleepy now. Need to wake up early tomorrow. Its going to be one busy day.

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