Chennai Super Kings

Well, finally, the big long IPL is over. I never saw any of the  league matches, not even the semi-finals, but I decided to watch the finals today. At the end of all, it was the Chennai Super Kings who were destined to take home the IPL – III trophy. Which team I was supporting? Mumbai Indians, but the men […]

Google should buy Facebook

Last year, there was a rumor that Google has eventually bought Facebook. This was definitely a big news for the Silicon valley. I don’t know if this deal made people happy or sad, but at first, I was very reluctant to accept the truthfulness of this piece of news. Later, it turned out that it was just an April fool’s […]

Minto fresh – jalaye dimaag ki batti

It works. I would advise you all to try this. Yesterday I saw the worst traffic of Bangalore. I stood for about an hour at a single place. I think vehicles should be stripped off their horns/buzzers. Atleast it will help them to be a more patient lot. There was a guy, Shakul, who was with me yesterday. The only […]

Friday again – Brain Drained Already!!!

Till lunch, I had not realized that it was Friday already. Wow, this week flew away really fast. By the way, I was on leave yesterday. Had a bad stomach upset.  As much as I enjoy Fridays, I hate Mondays even more. The concept of weekdays should change now. It’s been there since the invention of Calendar, I guess. All […]

Tea, Coffee and an Apple

It’s Thursday. Friday is good friday, so a day off for us tomorrow. Planning to leave office early, and get a good long sleep. After yesterday’s showers, Bangalore is still hot. In office, it’s been a long day. Coffee, tea and an Apple have kept me busy. The coming days are gonnna be too hectic for me. That’s not noce. […]