Extracts from my Old Diary

Extracts from my Old Diary

The extracts are unedited/uncensored. Really. 31/01/2004 The month of January seems to have stagnated. The biting cold and intermittent rains have lowered down the temperatures. There’s no better place than my warm bed and the common room. Right now, I am in a dilemma. I don’t know what to do after my B.Tech degree. Of course, the first preference will […]

Will anything change!!!!

Will anything change!!!!

It’s been a few weeks now, and everything seems to have fallen in place, for the Government, the Parliament, for the people of India, for the news channels and the internet. “India Against Corruption”, seems to have shaken up a few people, actually, a whole lot of Indian population, and everyone seems to be talking about it everywhere. I wonder […]

Ooops!!! Sorry…

People lose their cool all the time. So do I. I am generally believed to be a powerhouse of patience. People believe that I have loads of it. But the fact is, I don’t have that much. 🙁 Well, yes, I do have a considerable amount it, but at some point I, too, run out of patience. I am only […]

Weird Comment : Times of India

Here is an picture of a comment posted on an article on Times of India. Well, even after repeated mails to monitor and moderate such types of comments, they seem to be enjoying all these. For me, it’s actually a bit surprising as to how can such a well known newspaper don’t care about such things. Very disappointing.

What a shame!!! CWG

Corruption? Is it new? It happens all the time. Why are we crying out loud this time? Why the hell? Nothing is going to change anyway. Nothing at all. Is only Mr. Suresh Kalmadi responsible? Why only HE? This is really sad. But, I don’t think all these things even matter to us. I am sure, once the games are […]

A 4 star Movie – Rajneeti

Rajneeti. From it’s reviews it looked liked a good movie, and a bunch of friends decided to book tickets. This time, we got the tickets cheap. 100 bucks each. But the theatre which we walked into was one of the those in Bangalore which I had never went in before. A/C and dts. Though the sound was good, the combined […]

India goes down

I had hopes for the Indian team to do well this time round. And I was pretty excited about a cricket match after such a long time which was not an IPL match. But, India has been thrown out of the competition. 🙁 Sob Sob… I didn’t quite liked watching the IPL. So much of cricket was kind of boring […]

Bike Update – Down and Dead

It has been hardly 10 days and my machine has started showing signs of being just a machine. I have learnt one lesson though. Never rely on a damn machine. Mechanical devices are still trustworthy, but when it comes to Electrical and Electronics, no matter how high the reliability of a sytem is, the probability of it failing is quite […]

Don’t walk into Khivraj Bajaj

Don’t walk into Khivraj Bajaj

I haven’t yet got my Pulsar. And today, frustrated and fed up with their nonsense replies, I cancelled my booking. I even wrote a review on Google, of course, the worst one that I would ever write about anything. I hope people don’t rely on Khivraj Bajaj showrooms now. My experience with them was the worst that I ever had. […]