Don’t walk into Khivraj Bajaj

I haven’t yet got my Pulsar. And today, frustrated and fed up with their nonsense replies, I cancelled my booking. I even wrote a review on Google, of course, the worst one that I would ever write about anything.

I hope people don’t rely on Khivraj Bajaj showrooms now. My experience with them was the worst that I ever had.

1st day: Sir, the bike will be delievered in 10 days. We are getting the new stock, 2010 models. We will call and let you know when the bike arrives.

10 days gone, no call, I called up.

10th day: Sir, We don’t know the status. And the Bajaj people also have no updates as to when you can get your bike.

After 5 more days, still no call, I called up.

15th day: Sir the bikes are on the way from Pune, and they will arrive in 2 days. We will call you.

17th Day: Sir, the whole stock was Pulsar 150. You will have to wait for a week more to get your 180.

23rd day: Still no call, I called up.
Sir, You make the full payment on 2nd march and it will be delivered to you on 3rd. 🙂

Today: Still no call, WTF. I called up the last time.
Sir, the stock has come. But the stock was damaged and it will take some more days for the new stock.

F**k you. I walked down 4 kms, in the scorching heat to cancel the booking. The executive there had the same monotonous smile on her face as the first day. She said politely, sir, please write an application for cancellation, and we will prepare a cheque in 2-3 days. Once it is ready, WE WILL GIVE YOU A CALL. I know that call will never come.

Only I know how controlled my temper, and didn’t shout on her face. And then, finally, when I was about to leave, she says “Thank you”, and smiles. Aaargghh, I hate that smile.

Please don’t ever go there. Here’s the address.

Khivraj Bajaj,
2 & 10, 2nd Stage HAL,
100 Feet Road,
Indiranagar, Bangalore, 560038