A 4 star Movie – Rajneeti

Rajneeti. From it’s reviews it looked liked a good movie, and a bunch of friends decided to book tickets. This time, we got the tickets cheap. 100 bucks each. But the theatre which we walked into was one of the those in Bangalore which I had never went in before. A/C and dts. Though the sound was good, the combined effort of the ACs and fans inside couldn’t dry our sweat. 5 minutes at our seats and we were sweating. 🙁

Itne paise me itna hi milega!!!!! Ok, 3 hours, and a good movie would shift my concentration from the heat to the movie,I thought. The first half was enjoyable, though the others were already bored. One of them even proposed that we should run away during the interval. But we didn’t. There were a few who were still expecting a sweet turn-around to the already complex plot, including myself. Killing, death, politics, bombs going off, corruption and love. It was a mixture of all. But, none of them really made sense to me. It’s not so easy to kill a big political figure in the real life as portrayed in the movie. And there were so many people getting killed. Arrrggghhh!!

Prakash Jha deleted steamy scenes of Katrina and Arjun Rampal from the movie to get a U/A certificate. Well, I wish someone had deleted the whole movie. It was pathetic. Even Nana Patekar’s acting seemed out of sync. Some dialogues seemed to be directly copied verbatim from Mahabharata, the epic.

Katrina doesn’t know how to carry herself in a sari. But she has definitely learnt some Hindi. Ummmm, Atleast Prakash Jha could have kept that steamy scene, and released it with an A certificate. There’s anyway nothing in this movie for the younger people. My rating is just 2 stars.

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  1. Oops, I was waiting for this movie for a long time and as par the reviews this movie looks it has something for us. But the way you have criticized the movie It has bittered my tongue.

    Anyway I am gonna watch the movie for sure, I hope our taste are not similar for few movie plots 😛

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