Bike Update – Down and Dead

It has been hardly 10 days and my machine has started showing signs of being just a machine. I have learnt one lesson though. Never rely on a damn machine. Mechanical devices are still trustworthy, but when it comes to Electrical and Electronics, no matter how high the reliability of a sytem is, the probability of it failing is quite high at any given time.

So, my battery is dead now. And to add to the problem, there is no kick lever in my bike. They are saying that it would take atleast 2-3 days to fix the battery. WTF. Till then, I have to push and start. Wow, I was looking to join a gym very soon, but now I don’t need to. I burn some calories and flex some muscles whenever I want to ride my bike.

I called up the Exide guys, and they said that they will first check and replace if necessary. My advice to people who are planning to buy a bike,

“Do not get a bike without the kick lever”

2 thoughts on “Bike Update – Down and Dead

  1. Dont u think its a blessing in disguise coz u had planned 2 hit a gym. Now thrs no 2 spend money in a gym when u can work out with ur bike…… 🙂

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