Extracts from my Old Diary

The extracts are unedited/uncensored. Really.


The month of January seems to have stagnated. The biting cold and intermittent rains have lowered down the temperatures. There’s no better place than my warm bed and the common room. Right now, I am in a dilemma. I don’t know what to do after my B.Tech degree. Of course, the first preference will be the campus selection. But I have a very strong desire to crack the CAT or the XAT.


A great day as far as the quality of food. The day started off with “Chole Bhature” which was the best of all the breakfast items in the mess. The lunch was also pretty good. And for the dinner, dosa and a treat in GE were on the cards. Ritesh Parida and Rakesh Mallick were present to finance for the dinner. But, I couldn’t digest all these things. You know what I am talking about. Pretty uncomfortable.


The results of Computer branch is out. Soon, our results will also be out. Sidharth‘s got quite a good percentage of 71.2%, the highest being that of Rachit Aggarwal‘s with 85.8%. These marks are elusive for our branch. The papers this time were very tough. So, I would be happy if I score some 70% or above. Most probably the results would be out tomorrow. A very long wait. I am waiting…


The results are out. And I have got a mere 61%. That was well below my expectations. I was expecting around 65%. Terribly frustrated, I don’t know what to do now. I have to get at-least 75% in this semester.

The next semester I got 63%.