What a shame!!! CWG

Corruption? Is it new? It happens all the time. Why are we crying out loud this time? Why the hell? Nothing is going to change anyway. Nothing at all. Is only Mr. Suresh Kalmadi responsible? Why only HE?

This is really sad. But, I don’t think all these things even matter to us. I am sure, once the games are over, everyone will forget all this hue and cry and get back to there so-called normal life.

The news channels have got their share of news. The politicians have stuffed their banks with money. And who pays for all this? Ah, how I wish I had not paid last years taxes. They are not being used anyway. Half of all the taxes are either wasted, or they go into bank accounts in Switzerland.

I guess, someday, we ordinary people might wake and act against the whole system by not paying our taxes. Let the IT department drag the whole nation to court. And then, probably only then, we will get a chance to ask the Government, the most important question, the question which every Indian wants to ask, the question that has remained unanswered for a long long time….

“Why is our hard-earned money being wasted? Who is responsible for this?”

How many more such instances will we have to witness before our Government and our politicians open their eyes. We probably need to make some noise and shout out loud, and be heard. It’s high time. But how?

2 thoughts on “What a shame!!! CWG

  1. easy boy…somethings are just not meant to be… not paying your taxes being one of them. India is still not big on civic protests and citizen rights, the last time something like this happened was 60 years ago πŸ˜‰

  2. Its good to know..that CWG games are going on smoothly since the Opening ceremony (which was great by the way :))..

    I agree..that organising something of this scale will definitely have its share of mis-management and not so healthy handling of money. But I can bet, it happens everywhere..all parts of the world (magnitude differs, nothing to justify that it should, though) But we are all in it..all the same…directly or indirectly…we are responsible for them being irresponsible…

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