Weird Comment : Times of India

Here is an picture of a comment posted on an article on Times of India. Well, even after repeated mails to monitor and moderate such types of comments, they seem to be enjoying all these. For me, it’s actually a bit surprising as to how can such a well known newspaper don’t care about such things.

Very disappointing.

5 thoughts on “Weird Comment : Times of India

  1. Psycho, Don't you think it is not possible to keep monitoring for each and every second. Even if monitoring tools could possibly monitor better than human but they got their own limitations.

    More basic point is, did you do your job? Did you mark the comment as abuse or mailed to the site guy… There are lot of problems and lot of people face them but do not act them. It is impossible to make society cleaner if work is just limited to individual, we all need to contribute in it to clean its dust.

    Anyways you have done a nice job by pinpointing it in your blog.

  2. Well, I did mail TOI about this, and there was no option of marking the comments as "Spam" or "Abuse".

    Before this also, I have sent TOI several mails, forget about them taking action on them, I didn't even receive an acknowledgment.

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