Errrr…. I am lagging behind

Errrr…. I am lagging behind

I was supposed to write every week. I think I have missed one post. Or may be two. At times when time itself is so precious, we shouldn’t ponder over past things. I am not going back and checking how many actually I have missed. But not anymore 🙂 until I take a break again. The first rains of the […]

My marriage chronicles – 3 Months

That day, was as normal as any other day, or so I thought. Of-course I have heard about mood swings, and have experienced them myself, and have tolerated others’. But wives, are a different human species all-together. And I have learnt that after 3 months into my first marriage. Although, I had been warned about them before, the first hand […]

Changing the world..

Changing the world. Its already been a week since I last wrote the “blog-a-week” post. Sometimes I wonder if the speed of time is faster than the speed of light… There was once a guy who wanted to change the world. Change the world for good. Change everything which was bad, and make the whole wide world a much much […]

A blog-a-week

A phone shot Shame on me. I have been ignoring this place for a long time. After 15 or 50 years, if I look at my blog, I would conclude that not much happened in 2014, because, my memory would be dwindling by that time. And I would probably remember 2014 as a not-so-happening year. Which is not good. So, […]

That was a long gap

The kids dad is real genius I never thought that I would need a wall clock. But the wife said she needed it. We were getting late to office almost every alternate day. She said, that’s because she had to always carry her mobile while doing the household chores in the mornings. So I got one, not a very exquisite […]