Errrr…. I am lagging behind

I was supposed to write every week. I think I have missed one post. Or may be two. At times when time itself is so precious, we shouldn’t ponder over past things. I am not going back and checking how many actually I have missed. But not anymore 🙂 until I take a break again.

The first rains of the year, was quite a drizzle. I cannot express how much I love the rains. And the first rains are always special. And I make sure to get drenched at the first chance I have, and I did that today too. Well, not a deliberate attempt to get wet, but it was enough to set my mood for the weekend.

The week has gone by, and there’s been so much noise on the television channels, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes. Politics is in the air. This time around, it’s going t be really interesting. Cricket, pre-Sachin Retirement, was the first craze of  us Indians, and now, the game of Politics has been getting the highest TRPs all across the country. The only difference is, Cricket was famous for Sachin Tendulkar for his brilliance, while Politics is, at-least for some, is famous for Rahul Gandhi, again, for his, unmatched presence of mind, public speaking and of-course his thesis on Rocket Science.

So, I had been trying all these days to clock 30 minutes for a 5 km walk + run. Took me close to an year to get here. Last week, I achieved this little feat, declared this on Facebook. Not much likes, or comments, or bravos, and I wasn’t expecting any. But, one comment stood out among all of them.

He goes: “Dude, which bike!!!”

I definitely, hadn’t expected this.

Go March Go. Go away, Let the new financial year begin, let the elections establish the new government, and let the story continue. Next, my target is running 6 kms within 30 minutes. Obviously, it’s not rocket science. RUN BEANIE RUN…

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