Changing the world..

Changing the world.

Its already been a week since I last wrote theblog-a-weekpost. Sometimes I wonder if the speed of time is faster than the speed of light
There was once a guy who wanted to change the world. Change the world for good. Change everything which was bad, and make the whole wide world a much much happier planet.
He was really serious about it. He thought he was clever than all the other people, and only he can do this impossible and god-like task. He was full of hope and was determined. Nothing could make him lose hope in what he believed. Not even numerous failures. He would try and try again. Most of the times, he would fail, and be a little sad about it. Others would try to persuade him to give up what he was doing. They would try to reason with him and say “You alone can’t change everything. God hasn’t been able to fix this world, how can a human do it!!!”.
And one day, he realized it. It just occurred to him out of nowhere. He realized, although his intentions were right, he had to do things differently.
People say, with age, comes wisdom. The myth about the wisdom tooth, is, a myth of course. And finally he had found his wisdom at the age of 30.
Changing the whole world is no single man’s task. Even God cannot do it even if he wanted to. He is wiser now. He is changing himself now.”
He was no better than everyone else.
In a world where everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself, how could he have succeeded.
Its a weird world these days:
People are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke.  – Will Rogers
More people follow Kapil Sharma than any of our politicians. In the times of Facebook and Twitter, memes and viral videos have become the quintessence of entertainment. That includes me as well. I enjoy them, laugh out loud(LOL) I still litter the roads, and at the same time complain about the garbage. There was a guy yesterday who threw a bunch of banana peels from inside his car which landed on a pedestrians face. When I tried to peep into the car, I realized they were kids, 10 year olds I think.
I wish I had become wiser at 10.

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