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Shame on me. I have been ignoring this place for a long time. After 15 or 50 years, if I look at my blog, I would conclude that not much happened in 2014, because, my memory would be dwindling by that time.

And I would probably remember 2014 as a not-so-happening year. Which is not good.

So, to motivate myself, I will force myself to write at least a piece every week. I might just try to bore my readers(if there are any) a little more by penning(this word shouldn’t be used anymore for computer typing) down more than once in a week.
So, let’s start.

Ummm… I have already started… Can’t you see!!! This is the first one, and I am done for the week. Have lots of pending things to finish off before the summers.

The thing is, i hate summers, I hate sweat and I hate working during these times. Summers, for me, mean a lot of sleep. So, before the summer comes, I want to get ready with everything that’s cold. Think: a cooler, ice, cool drinks, beer, ice-cream etc.

I dont know exactly why I hate them, still trying to figure it out. I am a very logical person. If there wasn’t a reason, I would have loved it as I love the winters. Just a matter a time before I figure it out.

OK. See ya next week. Bbye.. Have a very short friday, and a seemingly never ending week ahead.

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