30,000 kms of riding. What next!!!

30,000 kms of riding. What next!!!

Riding away Its been close to 4 years that I got this machine. And 30k kilometres doesn’t sound that big. The longest distance that we covered in a day was about 370 kms in a day. And the other day, on my way back home. So, the longest trip was about 750 kms in 2 days, although we had a […]

Cant sleep. Lets write something.

Cant sleep. Lets write something.

Tried reading a book. Its almost midnight. Have a mild cold, can’t sleep because there’s no waking up early tomorrow. TGIF. I hate it when I get cold. It doesn’t let me sleep easily. So, I am trying to induce sleep into me by writing something stupid. We all know we are very sleepy when we do some boring task. […]

Beating the heat

The temperatures are rising worldwide. And it will continue to rise. As much as I hate it, I have started to like sweating. Most of the times I can’t do anything to beat the heat. But, my sweat can. Its like our own body making our personal clouds and eventually precipitating them on itself. Quite a novel idea, isn’t it? […]

The dialogs of Sidhu

The IPL 7 finals. Apart from the two teams, the third thing to follow on TV today is Mr. Navjot Singh Sidhu’s hindi commentary. 1. Preity Zinta ki jhappi or Shahrukh Khan ki pappi. 2. Bhavnaheen aadmi thande lava ki tarah hota hai.     Grrr.. The wife changed the channel.   3. Baal ki khaal utaar dete hain ye slow […]

Out and away

For the very first time, I would be travelling abroad in a few minutes. As happy as I am with the above fact, for this trip I have been forced to be away from my laptop and the internet world. I don’t consider smartphone at par with a full-keyboard laptop. But the important reason of me getting away with that: […]

I want peace

I want peace. I want inner peace. Complete silence. I shouldn’t be able to hear even a pin drop. I want my ears go temporarily deaf. I want some silence. No sounds at all. For a few minutes at least!!! When I concentrate hard enough on something, even a mosquito flying by my ears irritate me. And that’s exactly the […]

A cup of Ginger Tea and some biscuits

Image Courtesy: http://icons8.com/ I am not a tea-addict. Nor a biscuit addict. But, the combination is a killer one. Of-course, not just any other tea, it’s the ginger tea that makes the combination stand-out. And the biscuit? Ummm.. Ok, read till the end to discover the mystery about the biscuits. As a school going boy, I secretly enjoyed the smell of […]

Anyone can memorize

Awesome video on memory. I wish I could remember like the old days. Those old WWF cards and all the wrestlers’ stats. Cricket stats of all my favorite players. All the telephone numbers, my whole weeks schedule for school, or even where I kept my red coloured pencil. Who borrowed my comics, and how much money I have loaned to […]

The laziest days

I don’t consider myself lazy, but I have my days when I just want to do nothing. And when something comes up that has to be attended urgently, or it’s forced upon me, you should see my mood, and my tantrums. I almost cry, but being a man, that’s not an option, I bleed from within. My blood temperature rises, […]