The Race Begins

The Race Begins

The 8 Week Fitness Challenge – “The Biggest Loser” The race to the day when I won’t be a bachelor, begins. Just over 2 months is what I have to get in shape. And a circle is not a shape when we are talking about our bodies. 8 weeks is what I have to achieve whatever I can. And I […]


“Boriyat ho rahi hai, kaise hataun isko”, a friend asked today morning. At the office, I was also in the same mood, and didn’t know how to answer. Actually I was looking for an answer to the same question for quite some time now. To add to the problems, the world wasn’t going to end on December 21st!!! I then […]

Tejas won’t be ready before 2015

For those, who are not aware, Tejas, is a lightweight, multi-role fighter being developed by HAL, India. It is a tailless, compound delta-wing design powered by a single engine. It came from the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) program, which began in 1980s to replace India’s aging MIG-21 fighters. It integrates technologies such as relaxed static stability, fly-by-wire flight control system, […]

Cooking classes

Looks like I am not a bad cook at all. I haven’t been taking classes, but the food I cook tastes good. Here are some pictures. Masoor Daal Poha – Breakfast You have to forgive me for not writing down the recipe. Sorry, I don’t know the names of half of the ingredients I use.

The olden golden days

Long back, when we are just out of college, and had joined our first jobs, fun had a different meaning. The times were different. The friends we had were different. The places we visited were different. This photo was taking at the Brigade road, during the Diwali celebrations in the year 2007. You can see two friends of mine on […]

Conversations and her

She is either very intelligent, or just loves to show off her arguing powers. One day, out of nowhere, she wanted to test me. Usually, I lose the argument, irrespective of the topic of the discussion. Here we go. A chat transcript. She: Did you see a soul-mate (past, present and future) when you first looked into my eyes? I […]

Ortel Communications: A review

Ortel Communications: A review

You have probably not heard about this company if you are not from Bhubaneswar. I never wanted to write reviews for anything, other than, may be gadgets. But then, I had to mention about this company here. You will soon know why. It’s been more than a month that I have been using this broadband connection at home. When we […]

The New Year Post

Ah!! this time I am late. Damn!! There were quite a few reasons. But, finally, this had to come. Image source: Wikimedia commons HAPPY NEW YEAR to you. 🙂 Not much happened when the year changed for me. I was at home, sitting idle, watching the TV. Everyone else at home was asleep. I was the only one at home, […]