The Race Begins

The 8 Week Fitness Challenge – “The Biggest Loser”

The race to the day when I won’t be a bachelor, begins. Just over 2 months is what I have to get in shape. And a circle is not a shape when we are talking about our bodies.

8 weeks is what I have to achieve whatever I can. And I have got competition for that.

“The biggest loser” competition, I mean. It’s a competition in our office. And that starts from tomorrow. I have been making my preparations for a week now. What, you might ask!!!

  1. No gyming for a week.
  2. Eat as much as I can to gain weight, which I would be losing from tomorrow.
  3. Get enough sleep so that I am not sleep deprived during the 8 week program.
  4. No hair-cuts or shaves.
There are 23 participants (none have backed out yet), and I have no idea who they are. Tomorrow is the first weighing day, and I hope I should weigh at-least 73 kgs because of my early preparations. I weighed 70.5 a week back.
There’s a prize for the loser as well, I mean the winner. And I have good competition I guess. One of the competitors, I already know, is my team mate. Although he has a good chance to win, but 

“What’s a competition where everybody doesn’t hope to win!!!”

I am wondering whether I would win if I lose about 5 kgs or more. That would require scandalous amounts of determination, herculean self-control and mountains of motivation. 
I would be updating my progress, and others’ as well, with all the statistics and all other news about this. Watch out for the announcement of the winner. I am quite sure you would see my name at the end of 8 weeks. Fingers crossed. 
@My Friends: Don’t host any parties during this period, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE
@Colleagues: PLEASE!!! No more team lunches till the results are announced
@Fellow Competitors: I have everything planned out. Beware!!!

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