“Boriyat ho rahi hai, kaise hataun isko”, a friend asked today morning. At the office, I was also in the same mood, and didn’t know how to answer. Actually I was looking for an answer to the same question for quite some time now.

To add to the problems, the world wasn’t going to end on December 21st!!! I then replied stupidly to that message, and went out for a coffee. And on the roads, I could see so many vehicles lined up, honking furiously. And then I noticed a traffic display board flashing in red “Today is Monday, No Horn Day“.

I then realized everyone else on the roads must be bored, else why would they be honking so loudly. May be the sound waves might be helping them to clear away the vehicles ahead of them, but it was clearly not working.

Had I been a superman, I would probably have left my full-time job, and helped the people on the roads by clearing away the traffic. Or at the very least, kicked the honky vehicles far away into the space.

But, sadly, I am not.

Damt it. Google Chrome is crashing whenever I try to open Facebook.

Anyway, coming back to “Boriyat”, I have seen people being very innovative to attack their boriyat on the raods.

  1. A girl, I saw, was combing and doing her make up while stuck on traffic.
  2. A guy, who was having his breakfast inside his car.
  3. Another guy, who forgot to wear his shoes at home, trying to find the right pair of socks from his 10 odd socks stockpile.
  4. A few mothers, getting their kids ready inside the car.
  5. And so many people, talking over the phones even after the light had turned green.
Isn’t that awesome? Everyone, finds a way to get busy, in something or the other. As for me, I have got a bike. I can’t really do all these things while stuck in the traffic. So, how do the bikers pass their time on the roads? 
  1. Traffic jams are a great time to clean our helmets and glasses.
  2. Playing games on your mobile is also a great hit among the bikers.
  3. Trying to balance the bike without any support.
  4. Getting to know more about cars and their logos.
  5. Trying to predict when the light would turn green
How boring it is for a biker on the road stuck in traffic!!! Sometimes, I have had this thought about when they would make flying bikes, and how it would be convenient. Or I have thought about when there would be a traffic system which would ask me to leave my  home every morning, so that I would reach office without hitting any red lights. And if it would work or not. 

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