Conversations and her

She is either very intelligent, or just loves to show off her arguing powers. One day, out of nowhere, she wanted to test me. Usually, I lose the argument, irrespective of the topic of the discussion. Here we go.

A chat transcript.

She: Did you see a soul-mate (past, present and future) when you first looked into my eyes?

I instantly knew that I cannot afford to be outright truthful here. Didn’t reply for a long time, pondering over my course of action, and also anticipating the possible repercussions.

She: (Impatient) You didn’t answer my question.
He: (Oh no.. Not again!!) Ummm, No.
She: No? You did not see a soul-mate in me? You are lying.
Me: (Trying to be funny, to divert her) Living life with you is enough. I don’t want to linger around with you after we become ghosts.

She: You are saying that we were not together in our previous births?
Me: I don’t remember. (Trying to remember harder as ever)
She: And you don’t want to be with me in your next birth?
Me: Global warming, everything will be over soon. So, I am not thinking about my next birth. 🙂

She: Oh…
She: Okay (“Ok” would have been fine, but “Okay” is a sign of the approaching storm)
She: (She was reading a book just before we started this conversation) Then, I guess, I will read my book.
Me: Hahahahaha
She: Huh!!!

And after that, we had to continue this discussion over the phone and finally reach a conclusion, well, not exactly, but to a point where she can go back to reading her book normally, and me, well, telling myself, “A job well done” and gave myself a pat on my back. 😀 I won this time. Yay!!!