The olden golden days

Long back, when we are just out of college, and had joined our first jobs, fun had a different meaning. The times were different. The friends we had were different. The places we visited were different.

This photo was taking at the Brigade road, during the Diwali celebrations in the year 2007. You can see two friends of mine on that bike. And I was on a bike as well when this photo was taken. I think I had clicked this photo.

Vishal and Felix on that bike. On the other side, I think it was Kunal and Me. Not very sure.

I came across this photo today. I vividly remembered me taking this photo, or may be Kunal, but, with time, had forgotten about those days. It’s been at-least 2 years now that I have stepped into the Brigade Road. And yeah, I am still in Bangalore. Friends from those days are now far far away. I get to talk to them over Facebook, phone, Gtalk etc. But, then we don’t have that kind of fun anymore. It might be just me. Other’s might be enjoying their new life for sure.

This is yet another photo from the yesteryears. Weekends meant one thing. BEER and lots of it…… And House No. 420 in Koramangala 8th block. Sometimes, I miss those days. Those were really crazy days. Want to go back to the Olden Golden Days for sometime.