Interesting things I say ;)

I m like my mom… Very very talkative n a laughing baby.. I speak so much n many times many interesting things come out of my mouth as per my understanding of this big big world.. 18/06/2016 We went to PT..n I saw a covered car for the first time… So i said, “car T-shirt pahna hai” Same day while […]

My baby

Hi Aadu….do u know u r the sweetest little baby that ever was born… N we r so so lucky to have u…u r the best gift God could give us n u r the only thought in our minds right now. We love u so so much… U r now 1 year old… Time flies so fast… Just some […]

A cup of Ginger Tea and some biscuits

Image Courtesy: I am not a tea-addict. Nor a biscuit addict. But, the combination is a killer one. Of-course, not just any other tea, it’s the ginger tea that makes the combination stand-out. And the biscuit? Ummm.. Ok, read till the end to discover the mystery about the biscuits. As a school going boy, I secretly enjoyed the smell of […]

Only 24 hours!!!

In a day, only 24 hours!!! This is probably the 3rd time I feel the clocks are ticking away frantically. That’s not good. Those slow motion pictures are so amazing. Wish we had that in real life. Everything’s getting older, and faster. Me too. Its crazy. But, still I manage to sleep for 8 hours these days. Hahaha. Trying to […]