My baby

Hi Aadu….do u know u r the sweetest little baby that ever was born… N we r so so lucky to have u…u r the best gift God could give us n u r the only thought in our minds right now. We love u so so much…

U r now 1 year old… Time flies so fast… Just some time back u came in our lives n now u r the most important part of it. We were so afraid to even hold u as u were so small n tender n look at u today… U r still very soft but very naughty, u have those shararati eyes n smile.. U love to hold two pillows in your hands n walk on the bed..U r d reason of our happiness.
U learnt how to open your eyes, how to hold our finger, how to smile, how to turn to your sides, how to turn on your stomach n back on your back, how to move on your stomach n then crawl n now walking …ohh baby u have grown so much in just one year… We can’t wait to see what all will u learn this year.

Initially u didn’t like sweets at all but now put sugar in anything n feed u..u will be happy.

U have started to talk little bit… Like papa, mumma(sometimes), bapu, takum, ok, pie, cry, meeaaooo n some other words that only u can understand. U try to copy us n when ever u say a word perfectly u smile on your achievement.

U get fully excited seeing new clothes n shoes.. U love to wear new night suits n shoes. U r so so funny at times… Just now u were laughing loud in your sleep n that made your dad n me laugh.

What else should I write… U do so much now a days that u keep us busy… U do yakuuuu potty, u love to watch nursery rhymes.. U love to eat kheer n puri..u love us a lot. N ya u r a big attention seeker. U get so much crocodile tears.. N then if we tell u that we know it’s false tears u laugh so loudly…

We love u so so so so so so much… Thank you for coming in our lives.

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