Interesting things I say ;)

I m like my mom… Very very talkative n a laughing baby..

I speak so much n many times many interesting things come out of my mouth as per my understanding of this big big world..

We went to PT..n I saw a covered car for the first time… So i said, “car T-shirt pahna hai”

Same day while coming back we stopped to eat jalebi, papa showed me that uncle is making jalebi… While returning papa n I had this conversation:

Papa: Aadu kya khaya?

Aadu: jalebi khaya

Papa: kaun khaya?

Aadu: jalebi

Aadu: uncle banaya

Aadu: mummy khilayi

Aadu: papa khilaye

Aadu: uncle banaye

Aadu: aadu dekha jhaank ke

I asked papa to give me the shopping saaman he was holding..n he kept 5kg aata packet on floor..i tried lifting it n said
“Bhaisahab bhari”

We r now in our new home… Having good time… Full fun…2 big swimming pools… But papa is still same… He speaks very slowly…n m like mom..i don’t have enough patience to wait for Papa to complete his sentence so i have started to complete his sentences now.

Papa – Aadu mumma ka….aaaaaaaaaaa

Aadu – waiting patiently

Papa – aaaaaaaaa

Aadu – mumma ka???

Papa – mumma ka nose….

Aadu – hai… 🙂

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