A cup of Ginger Tea and some biscuits

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I am not a tea-addict. Nor a biscuit addict. But, the combination is a killer one. Of-course, not just any other tea, it’s the ginger tea that makes the combination stand-out. And the biscuit? Ummm.. Ok, read till the end to discover the mystery about the biscuits.

As a school going boy, I secretly enjoyed the smell of tea when my Mom used to prepare tea for my Granny. At that time, Granny was the only person in our whole house of 8, who was an avid tea drinker. My Mom occasionally used to have a cup, perhaps once in a week or so. But I was given a tumbler of smelly and yucky milk with Bournvita, filled to the brim. I just hated that. My sister too. And we made a habit of leaving behind few mili-litres of milk, without fail. That was our small little mutiny against the whole system. Our small non-cooperation movement. And every day, Mom used to hurl a few angry words. But, they never hit us. Even if they would have, we never had the courage of getting the smelly tumbler anywhere near us for a second time in a day.

Mom had tried everything under the sun. Horlicks, Bournvita, Complan, Boost etc. Even the purest form wouldn’t go down our throats. Quite often, my sister would have tears in her eyes when it was time. At times, we even tried to fake vomiting.

And any requests for a cup of tea, was immediately denied. That’s weird, Mom thought and said, “How on earth can you like Tea and not Milk!!! Tea is for elders, here, take this glass of milk, finish it off in a jiffy, and get back to studying.”

Whenever I had a chance, I had my cups of tea. Especially, when we were visiting our relatives, and it wasn’t a sin for children to drink tea in that territory, and was out of Mom’s jurisdiction. Well, flavoured tea wasn’t a fad those days.

Anyway, those days are gone.

Present Day:
I don’t have the same hatred. My love for tea has actually diminished. And among all kinds of flavours, I love “Ginger Tea” the most. Be it the winters, or the summers, or the rains, 1 cup of Ginger Tea and a few pieces of my favourite biscuit can lift my mood to cloud nine. Ummm.. That’s a bit of exaggeration I would say, but who cares, I am high already. I just had a cup of Ginger tea and 6 biscuits.

I don’t exactly remember since when I had this addiction. May be during college with friends, when we had lots of time to spare for tea sessions. What lovely, bygone days!!! But, these days, my wife makes lovely ginger tea. Although I make it a little better. And the biscuits…?

The mystery hasn’t unveiled yet!!! Don’t worry, it’s not time yet.

Here goes the mystery about the biscuits. The people that make the biscuits, that I love the most, are from a company called “Britannia”, and it’s sold under the brand name of “Milk Bikis”.

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