Only 24 hours!!!

In a day, only 24 hours!!! This is probably the 3rd time I feel the clocks are ticking away frantically. That’s not good.

Those slow motion pictures are so amazing. Wish we had that in real life.
Everything’s getting older, and faster. Me too. Its crazy. But, still I manage to sleep for 8 hours these days. Hahaha. Trying to reduce those hours to about 6 for a long time and then my days would be 26 hours. Yay!!! But the question is when?
I have 3 alarm clocks actively watching me when I am sleeping. And I have trained myself not to hit to stop alarm. But that “snooze” button is too tempting. Each morning I snooze those clocks at least 4 times per clock. I hope someone invents something better than alarm clocks.
Back at home, when all the alarm clocks and my Mom failed to wake me up, Dad used to come to my rescue with a cold glass of water. SPLASH!!! and in a nanosecond I am awake and ready to pick up a fight. But slowly, calm myself down when I see Dad holding another glass of water in his other hand.

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