A few things to unlearn

Since the beginning of time, that I have been able to understand things and people, and perhaps the world, I have started to think that all the good things that we were taught in school, really have no meaning. 1. Wash your hands before your meals? Almost everyone uses spoons, forks and knives. That small tip might need to be […]

Coding Exercise: Am I engaged?

isSearchComplete = false; while (!isSearchComplete) {         if (isBeautiful(girlAtHand)) {                 isSearchComplete = true;                 exchangeRings();                 break;         } else {                 girlAtHand = getNextGirl(); […]

The olden golden days

Long back, when we are just out of college, and had joined our first jobs, fun had a different meaning. The times were different. The friends we had were different. The places we visited were different. This photo was taking at the Brigade road, during the Diwali celebrations in the year 2007. You can see two friends of mine on […]

What? What the heck!!!

Image source: Wikimedia Commons People can be so stupid at times. Sometimes, we say or do stupid things, which would make even a donkey laugh out loud. However, there are certain situations where you tend to ignore them. For example, you would just ignore a stupid question from someone when you know that the person is perhaps sad about something, […]

Extracts from my Old Diary

Extracts from my Old Diary

The extracts are unedited/uncensored. Really. 31/01/2004 The month of January seems to have stagnated. The biting cold and intermittent rains have lowered down the temperatures. There’s no better place than my warm bed and the common room. Right now, I am in a dilemma. I don’t know what to do after my B.Tech degree. Of course, the first preference will […]

Valentine’s Day checklist

Image Link (Wikipedia) Ahem…14th Feb 2011, It’s s big day. But unfortunately, it’s a Monday. Damn it!!!!! 2 hours of traffic and 8 hours at work doesn’t help. There are so many things to be done. I have a checklist of the things. Here they are… Take bath in the morning: This is the most important thing to be done […]

Teaching kids is tough

I bet you would agree. Well, sometimes, they can be smarter than you at alphabets, arithmetic or whatever you are trying to teach them. She was a 3 year old girl just beginning to learn alphabets. Kids can get difficult at times, and might also be uninterested, particularly when their favorite cartoon characters are starting out on yet another adventure […]

Filmy Dialogues

We all love Bollywood. I still remember those Saturday and Sunday movies on the National Television for which the whole household would eagerly wait. Everything stopped. Mom would stop cooking, my sister and me would close our books and everyone else would be rushing home to be in front of the TV. No matter what movie would be playing, those […]

Friday night friend

Who doesn’t want a few extra bucks for a few clicks! Even I, at some point of time was lured by those paid survey sites that make grand promises of paying you dollars in return of a few clicks. My initial clicks fetched me quite a few dollars, but very soon I realized that this is just a scam. They […]

Happy Birthday !!! Not Mine….

“System Software Engineer”. This is my new designation at a new office, at a new place. A lot has changed in the last 1 month. And I have adapted to these changes well. The first change, and the most important, at-least for me was the drastic change in temperature and humidity. 1 month back, I was near to the western […]