Valentine’s Day checklist

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Ahem…14th Feb 2011, It’s s big day. But unfortunately, it’s a Monday. Damn it!!!!! 2 hours of traffic and 8 hours at work doesn’t help. There are so many things to be done. I have a checklist of the things. Here they are…

  • Take bath in the morning: This is the most important thing to be done tomorrow. To keep myself fresh throughout the day. I have got a new bottle of perfume, half of which will be emptied tomorrow morning.
  • Get dressed: No one likes his/her partner to be dressed the usual way. It has to be different. Still thinking about what to wear tomorrow. I will use my wrist-watch tomorrow after a long long time.
  • Message and Call her: Well, to start off, since it’s a Monday tomorrow, you have to do this to make her feel special. Never forget this.
  • Buy a rose and a card: Another day of the year (besides her birthday) when you should not even think of not getting her these. I am not a flower guy, but I think, for me, a card(big big) one will do the trick.
  • Buy a gift: This is a must. It doesn’t have to be pricey or big, but you have to get her a gift when you meet her for the first time on this day. If she is nice, she will understand your situation on a Monday, but not getting her a gift is a risk which you should avoid under any circumstances. You can live without a job, you will always find another one, but loosing a girl on the V-Day, it’s terrible, considering the fact that nobody else would be free tomorrow.
  • Book a table at a costly restaurant: If your girl-friend is a vegan, you will have a difficult time to find a nice decent place. You should have planned for this well before the V-Day. All the restaurants will be reserved for the day. So, plan accordingly. Another cheaper offer, which might just pamper your girl-friend even more, is to cook for her. She will definitely like it, for sure.
  • Coffee at a costly coffee bar: Home made food for dinner is so so romantic for girls. But, your best efforts at making the best coffee yourself, is so so unromantic. Take her to CCD or Barista or any of those coffee bars, just don’t care if the coffee costs you more than Rs. 200. You have been doing so well till now, and you don’t want to spoil the treat. 
  • A sweet good night SMS: Send a sweet and romantic SMS after the coffee, and bid her good night.
  • A romantic song to end the day: That’s the cherry on the cake. But, be well prepared. If you choose the wrong song, you will have to answer millions of questions on your choice of song. 😀
  • The LAST and the most IMPORTANT THING on my list: To find a Valentine. I know it’s already late, but then, there’s always a hope. This is my checklist for tomorrow.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. Enjoy the day. If anyone is free for tomorrow, let me know, and I will follow and tick off my checklist for you. 😀

7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day checklist

  1. hmmm…thats a gud one for letting us know ur schedule for the 'V' day.but the last thing on ur checklist was a bit hard to digest. Any ways i love ur plans and good luck.
    And ya do make a checklist for those like me 😉 who r still…so that we do not regret n enjoy the day too.

  2. dude…its a good thing that its monday …cos my wife doesnot have non veg on mondays….talking about girl friends i would not like to talk about in the public forums ;P..
    happy valentine day ..

  3. Thanks for this day being a monday cos my wife is a vegeterian on monday and i hate to go to a restaurent for just eating …regarding girl friends i am a bit shy on the public forums ..so keep enjoying …. ;P

  4. I agree with Mausami:
    last thing on ur checklist was a bit hard to digest.

    usse padhaya hai tune?
    song to baad mein..ye padhne ke baad hi million questions ka answer dena padega…

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