Traffic troubles for all

Traffic troubles for all

On the way to my office, I have to cross the most dense traffic of the city. Every day is a new challenge. And thanks to the repair works, even the footpaths are occupied by mud, slosh and huge circular pipes (God knows when they will finally be sent into the ground, and free up the footpath). So, the frustration […]

30,000 kms of riding. What next!!!

30,000 kms of riding. What next!!!

Riding away Its been close to 4 years that I got this machine. And 30k kilometres doesn’t sound that big. The longest distance that we covered in a day was about 370 kms in a day. And the other day, on my way back home. So, the longest trip was about 750 kms in 2 days, although we had a […]

Today’s generation – Kewl

Times have been changing. This change has been so drastic and fast that the older generation find it hard to adapt and accept. I am considering myself the older generation here since I, myself seem to find it difficult at times not too raise my eyebrows. You can get everything on the internet. Anything indeed. Dude or Dood!!! It’s the […]

Atop Nandi Hills

Well, we could not see the sunset, but the bike trip was awesome. Throughout the day, it was raining intermittently. And our clothes never dried. Though the roads were all wet, that didn’t stop us from speeding our bikes. The ride down the hill was just great. With our engines shut off, we were still doing 60 kmph. We could […]

To Nandi hills

On the way to Nandi hills. Raining heavily. Got stuck here. Loving it. Sam, Sinha, Lodhi n me on 2 bikes. Wanted to se the sunset on the hill top, but I guess, the clouds are gonna spoil our plans. Location : NH 207, Devanahalli, Karnataka, Posted via Blogaway

Bike Update – Down and Dead

It has been hardly 10 days and my machine has started showing signs of being just a machine. I have learnt one lesson though. Never rely on a damn machine. Mechanical devices are still trustworthy, but when it comes to Electrical and Electronics, no matter how high the reliability of a sytem is, the probability of it failing is quite […]

Finally, Ready to race

Yesterday, I got my Pulsar 180 finally, after such a long wait. I am so so excited. Let’s see how long will this excitement last before the Bangalore traffic frustrations get into me. 43kms done. I want to complete 500kms within 15 days so that I can safely break the speed barrier. In the pic, that’s obviously not me. 🙂 […]

Need a bike, urgently

To avoid the traffic, I took a house on rent as near as possible to my office. And not barely 1 month, we are hearing rumors that our office would be shifting to some other place. 🙁 Had it not been shifting also, I needed a bike anyway. For the past one month, I have been walking almost about 4-5 […]