Finally, Ready to race

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Yesterday, I got my Pulsar 180 finally, after such a long wait. I am so so excited. Let’s see how long will this excitement last before the Bangalore traffic frustrations get into me. 43kms done. I want to complete 500kms within 15 days so that I can safely break the speed barrier.

In the pic, that’s obviously not me. šŸ™‚ I haven’t yet got it’s photos. And also haven’t had any big stories. When I do, I will put them up here.

No more walking in the heat. It’s getting real hot in Bangalore these days. No buses and autos. And late night movies!!! No problems sir.

3 thoughts on “Finally, Ready to race

  1. Vishal Jain

    Finally!!! ha after so many distractions, problems, software glitches, you managed to get the bike to pollute the environment more. he he he fundas are good to give. But by heart I also know I will also enjoy the bike rides.

    Chalo lets plan for road trip… :):):)


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