Need a bike, urgently

To avoid the traffic, I took a house on rent as near as possible to my office. And not barely 1 month, we are hearing rumors that our office would be shifting to some other place. πŸ™

Had it not been shifting also, I needed a bike anyway. For the past one month, I have been walking almost about 4-5 kms daily. One day, I had to walk 10 kms, thanks to Bangalore’s autowalas.

Now I have decided finally. I have had enough of the buses and autos. I need to have a bike now. I thought I would walk into a showroom, and book it. It’s not that simple, is it? Huh, I am still undecided which one to buy.

When I get it finally, I will be writing a review of the bike, and might describe how the first ride was. But hey, those review websites suck, they don’t really help you, their sole aim is to confuse people.

I will be going for test rides tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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