Today’s generation – Kewl

Times have been changing. This change has been so drastic and fast that the older generation find it hard to adapt and accept. I am considering myself the older generation here since I, myself seem to find it difficult at times not too raise my eyebrows.

  • You can get everything on the internet. Anything indeed.
  • Dude or Dood!!! It’s the new avataar of “Hi”.
  • Guys with long hair are “COOL”.
  • Bikes with “loud” silencers are the latest craze. We could call them “Amplifiers instead”
  • You are an outcast if you don’t have a profile on Facebook.
  • Your popularity is determined by the number of results on Google.
  • You got to tweet before you sleep, and also tweet about your dreams as you see them.
  • The fashion quotient of your clothes is directly proportional to the number of holes in your pants.
  • You have your father and mother as friends on Facebook.
  • Popcorns are costlier than the movie tickets.
  • Your pets are jealous of your smart-phones these days. They just don’t get any kind of attention. You can get your customized e-pets on your phones who seem to be more real.
  • Smileys put through your emotions better.

Ummm, Things change, they will keep on changing. We don’t want to be left behind, do we?

10 thoughts on “Today’s generation – Kewl

  1. Do you seriously consider yourself as the "older generation"????
    I think you shouldn't…..because some of your sited points really match you. 🙂

    Any ways we need to move with the floor and get settled with the changing lifestyle.

  2. "I am considering myself the older generation here since I, myself seem to find it difficult at times not too raise my eyebrows."
    Only true, if you believe "density of hair on your head is directly proportional to the generation you belong to"

    Many a times I feel long hair dudes are just another wannabe.

    Shot jeans was/is(?) just a fad ,
    I'd wear one only because I wouldn't want to throw away a jeans I paid 1000 bucks.

    Well you are truly famous only if google prompts your name, you must be since google prompts after you type "kumar bib"

  3. @MAUSUMI: Yeah, some points do apply to me as well, but others, I am still trying to adapt to.

    @Anonymous: I can't counter your 1000 bucks argument. 🙂 And I would consider myself famous when Google prompts my name when I type "K" 😀

  4. @Kumar ,

    Well google would always prompt Kingfisher for k and for B it would be Beer and other things men are fascinated with which start with the word "B" 😉
    best of luck though, its good to have famous friends!

  5. Embrace the change my friend. We human being have a habit of resisting the change in the surrounding and we keep beating the same bush to find the enjoy.

    Anyway as mausumi said you are far better than other buggers@your age(Protocol here is you r budhdha). So enjoy of semi gizmo's life…

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