Today’s generation – Kewl

Times have been changing. This change has been so drastic and fast that the older generation find it hard to adapt and accept. I am considering myself the older generation here since I, myself seem to find it difficult at times not too raise my eyebrows.

  • You can get everything on the internet. Anything indeed.
  • Dude or Dood!!! It’s the new avataar of “Hi”.
  • Guys with long hair are “COOL”.
  • Bikes with “loud” silencers are the latest craze. We could call them “Amplifiers instead”
  • You are an outcast if you don’t have a profile on Facebook.
  • Your popularity is determined by the number of results on Google.
  • You got to tweet before you sleep, and also tweet about your dreams as you see them.
  • The fashion quotient of your clothes is directly proportional to the number of holes in your pants.
  • You have your father and mother as friends on Facebook.
  • Popcorns are costlier than the movie tickets.
  • Your pets are jealous of your smart-phones these days. They just don’t get any kind of attention. You can get your customized e-pets on your phones who seem to be more real.
  • Smileys put through your emotions better.

Ummm, Things change, they will keep on changing. We don’t want to be left behind, do we?