Anyone can memorize

Awesome video on memory. I wish I could remember like the old days. Those old WWF cards and all the wrestlers’ stats. Cricket stats of all my favorite players. All the telephone numbers, my whole weeks schedule for school, or even where I kept my red coloured pencil. Who borrowed my comics, and how much money I have loaned to my friends. As the speaker rightly mentions, we have been off-loading this amazing power of our brains to our computers, mobile phones and the internet.

My contacts are always synced between my devices. I don’t even remember my passwords to all the websites. The browser remembers them, and syncs across all the computers. If at all, my browser somehow forgets one of the them, I have to do a “Password Reset” or even a “Forgot Username” if I don’t even remember my login name.

It’s already well known that practice improves our memory. But, now a days, we don’t really practice much, and at times, not at all. We rely on technology so much, that in a way, we have been using less and less of our brains. I used to remember multiplication tables, and just yesterday, it was very hard for me to remember what 7×9 equals to!!!

That’s really sad. A few years from now, among all of us, there would only be a few who would have advanced brains if we keep evolving machines and become more and more dependent on them. Those few, would not be those who are or were really gifted. Instead, a majority of us would be so much dependent on machines, we would soon forget about the wonders we can actually do with their memory.

To be frank, my memory is quite good as compared to some people I know (please don’t ask to name them), but this ability of mine has certainly been on the downward trend. I often grab a calculator to do simple mathematical problems. I have almost forgotten birthdays of all my close ones(baring a few such as sister, wife, etc.), since I get reminders just in time.

But, I don’t want to go and win some World Memory Championship. I just want to have my old, helpful and amazing memory of mine. Actually, it’s not that hard. Well, the guy in the video says so. I will give it a try.

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