The laziest days

I don’t consider myself lazy, but I have my days when I just want to do nothing. And when something comes up that has to be attended urgently, or it’s forced upon me, you should see my mood, and my tantrums.

I almost cry, but being a man, that’s not an option, I bleed from within. My blood temperature rises, and I have palpitations. But then, depending on the impending task, I either drag myself up from the sofa or just ignore the calls of the moment.

Why can’t I have my rest day? Without any interferences!!! Why? Why? Why?

When I am just about to crack a difficult problem, the disturbances come rolling in. Just when I am trying to concentrate, a big bang goes off somewhere. Just when I enter into deep sleep, some unknown number wants to contact me. (Now I have set up Quite Hours on my phone though, Thanks Cyanogen). Just when I want to watch my favourite show on the TV, the electricity department takes a break. And it goes on and on.

Why am I complaining? Am I the only one that goes through all this? Obviously not. But, then, some days, you really get pissed. Not that I am really that right now.

Anyway, there’s still hope for me I think. The next Sunday is only 7 days away from now. And tomorrow is a holiday for me (Yay!!!! My wife is working tomorrow 😀 :D). I hope I have the next Sunday just as I would like it; My Laziest Day.

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