Working on Ubuntu

After my Mac crashed at office, I lost hope. Damn, isn’t there a single OS which will never crash!!!! I know, I know, they are machines. Morever OSes are just lines of code and even the best programmers commit mistakes. But, I cannot live with those if my systems keep crashing like this. My data is precious and I would do anything to keep it safe.

Well, I got Linux (Ubuntu) installed on my laptop. Getting all the necessary softwares for Ubuntu is a bit of work, and would require you to look here and there. Now, after around 2 weeks of working on it, I have almost set up everything required. A blogger client called (Blogilo) was the last one and I am writing this blog from that software.
It feels nice to work on this. Shifting from Windows to a Mac and then to a Linux has been painful at times, but hey, ain’t I flexible? Just to add another OS to the list, I know DOS also. 🙂
Blogilo is nice by the way. 
@Update : The post couldn’t be updated by Blogilo. It crashed. So, I am on the web now. Damn OSses.

4 thoughts on “Working on Ubuntu

  1. Among Few inevitable things in the software, one is Software Crash… Be happy you got some thing stable which will keep you happy for next few months and ….

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