Appjam ’10 – A platform for the mobile community

Last Saturday, my dream came true. I had always dreamed to be at an IIM. This came true when I went to AppJam to demonstrate my Android application called “Blogaway” at the event which showcased the best 30 mobile apps. It was a 3 minute presentation and I couldn’t really talk much, and didn’t win any prizes but it was fun. Especially the iJam session and the ball throwing concept. One of my friends got a chance to present her idea in this session. Hahaha, she was hurled soft balls from all around the auditorium. But I guess, at the end they liked the idea. She is a lazy fellow and wanted everything to be done by her phone, without even her waking up from sleep. 😛

The weather was just perfect for the day. There was another app from our company which was also demoed. Solaro for the iPad which is a client for the Solaro website. Tushar from Kolkatta had come down for the demo. The funny thing was, the duration of the demo was a mere 3 minutes. He also was sort of time, but we somehow managed.

It had rained while we were inside the auditorium of IIM Bangalore. And it seemed that everyone in Bangalore was happy that it had rained and the temperature had come down quite a bit. So, I guess all of them walked out of their home and clogged the roads. It took us 1 hour to reach home that evening. IIMB is around 15kms from my house. 🙁

We got free T-shirts. And the lunch was also free. I gobbled up 4 gulab jamuns. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Appjam ’10 – A platform for the mobile community

  1. @Kunnu : It wasn't good at all. I guess the stage fright crept inside me.

    @Amit: Abe photo to hai….Upar wala…Kaheka teacher? 3 minute ka tha… 🙁

  2. hmmm, psycho comments mein to bahut modest ho gaya hai be.. Anyways ghoda is kinda right… u r becoming big gun…

    @Ghoda: When were you in touch with android?

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